share your poetry


this project exists through collaboration. our goal is to bring more poetry into daily life, to encourage more people to read it and to write it. anyone can write a poem. whether you are a poet by trade or just like to play with your words, share your poems with us and they'll end up in a vending machine on the streets of mexico city. poems are sold, in a random, shuffled order for 5 pesos a piece. who knows whose hands yours will end up in. 

city, country
note: poems that are not written in spanish will be printed in their original language, paired with a "translated version" via google translate
want to share two at the same time? go for it. (start with "TITLE: ___") don't want to? skip this.
do you give us permission to print, share, and sell your poem? *
poems are sold to the public, in mexico city, for 5 pesos (around 25¢ USD) a pop. the little bit of money we get from the sales goes towards the costs of running the project.
can you confirm that you wrote this poem and that it is original? *